Friday, June 20, 2014

Open Letter to the Toronto Star from a Concerned Citizen

June 20th, 2014

The Toronto Star
Toronto, Ontario

Dear Sirs,

Stephen Harper promised to change Canada into something we would not recognize. 

Unless one has been in a cave, on a perpetual drug trip or inebriated on a beach in Brazil, one would know he has succeeded.

To be sure, Mount Logan is still the highest mountain in Canada and the sun still rises in the east, but Canada has been detrimentally changed. 

From financing the killing of Palestinian children, to being the laughing stock of scientists around the world, to being criminal violators of human rights according to the United Nations, we as a country had better wake up. 

As the messenger, the Main Stream Media has a responsibility. As once one of the most revered mediums in our country, why is your grade, in the opinion of many Canadians, now a fail? Who is screening your word?

On Monday, June 17th, you published: 
"When the obituary is finally written on Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, it is the tone that will stand out. Most of his actions will not. With some notable exceptions (such as gutting environmental regulations), they have not been extreme.
"Voters will put up with any number of dubious government actions. Enough might even put up with the Northern Gateway pipeline."

With an attitude like that, why don't you just tell the estimated 10,000,000 eligible voters who probably won't bother to vote next year:
"Except for some minor kinks, it's all just fine in Ottawa; nothing to see there Folks."

There are THOUSANDS of serious and corrupt issues which Harper and the Conservatives should be held accountable for, and, based on that message you conveyed to Canadians, you are typical of Canada's Main Stream Media falling asleep at the switch. 

The following are six hundred of thousands of reasons your pages should constantly be screaming blue murder about Canada's destruction by Harper and EVERY Conservative MP, (all voting as a unified caucus).

If Harper had been a Chief Executive Officer in any reputable company, the Board of Directors would fire him on the spot for ANY of these reasons.

Moreover, if Harper was in private practice and handled shareholders' money like he handles Canadian Taxpayers' hard-earned, heavily-taxed wages, he would have been charged, arrested, tried, judged, convicted, and tossed in jail, and based on the seriousness of the infractions, corruption and theft, most likely for life.

Please note, most of the following came from reading YOUR paper:

Reason #1 - Team Harper's Racism
Reason #2 - Harper's Disdain for Vets, Natives, Murdered Women, Unemployed and the Elderly
Reason #3 - Harper Missing $3,100,000,000
Reason #4 - Harper's Kijiji Labour Scandal
Reason #5 - Harper's Corrupt Election Bill
Reason #6 - Harper's Enemy List
Reason #7 - Harper's Senate Scandal
Reason #8 - Team Harper's Municipal Support
Reason #9 - Harper's Eco Babble Scripts for Kent
Reason #10 - Harper's Apparent Knowledge of "The Cheque"
Reason #11 - Harper's Destruction of Canadian Jobs
Reason #12 - Harper's Control of His Caucus
Reason #13 - Harper's Control of the CBC
Reason #14 - Harper's Support of Ecocide
Reason #15 - Harper Attacks on the Unemployed
Reason #16 - Harper's Dubious Friends, Acquaintances & Advisers
Reason #17 - Harper's Hate for Science
Reason #18 - Team Harper's Racist Treatment of Natives
Reason #19 - Harper's Hate for Clean Water
Reason #20 - Harper is a Fascist
Reason #21 - Harper is a Liar and a Hypocrite
Reason #22 - Harper Will Risk B.C.'s Wilderness to Make the Koch Brothers, (at 40%, Largest Tar Sand Leasers), and Big Oil Richer
Reason #23 - Harper Does Not Understand Karma
Reason #24 - Harper Bullies Others with His Own Traits
Reason #25 - Team Harper Were Lax on the VERY RAILWAY SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS that Could Probably Have PREVENTED Lac M├ęgantic Tragedy
Reason #26 - Harper Screwing All But Rich Canadians, Group by Group
Reason #27 - Harper is Canada's Worst Terrorist
Reason #28 - Harper Blocks Residential School Archives from Native Reconciliation Investigation
Reason #29 - Harper's Official Common's Apology to Natives Proved to be a Farce
Reason #30 - Harper is Full of It
Reason #31 - Harper Dictates to Obama Saying He Won't Take "No" for an Answer
Reason #32 – Harper's MP Mark Adler Broke Ethics Guidelines by Inviting Lobbyists to His Fundraiser 
Reason #33 - Harper-trained Liar: Joe Oliver
Reason #34 - Harper Launches Major First Nations Termination Plan
Reason #35 - Harper Voters not Listening to Reason
Reason #36 - Harper would be Gone if People Listened to Brigette DePape’s Warning
Reason #37 - Harper's Tar Wars: Dividing Canadians
Reason #38 - Harper the Bully: Canada's #1 Role Model
Reason #39 - Harper Teaching Whole Cabinet to Lie
Reason #40 - Harper Spends More on Feeding Pandas than on Starving Kids in Attawapiskat
Reason #41 - Harper Gutting Canada's Safety Laws & Regulations
Reason #42 - Harper against Pot
Reason #43 - Harper Sold Tar Sands to China with No Transparency on Discussions and a 30+ Year Lock In
Reason #44 - Harper Allows Open Warfare among Cabinet
Reason #45 - Harper Wipes Out Liberal Surplus
Reason #46 - Harper Hates Everybody and Everything
Reason #47 - Harper Financing the Murder of Innocent Palestinian Children with Canadian Taxpayers’ Money
Reason #48 - Harper's Pretending to be a Hockey Expert
Reason #49 – Harper Government’s Zero Respect for Missing & Murdered Native Women
Reason #50 - Harper Teaches His Ministers to Be Disillusioned Failures
Reason #51 - Harper’s Tar Sands Love Works for Big Oil, NOT Canadians
Reason #52 - Harper's Continual Record of Screwing First Nations People On a Multiple Number of Issues
Reason #53 - Harper’s Hypocrisy: Demands Natives be More Transparent and Accountable
Reason #54 - Harper Screws Air Canada Employees
Reason #55 - Harper Ignores Natives Being Murdered by Tar Sands Carcinogens
Reason #56 - Harper Equipping Canadian Police Better Than Our Soldiers in Afghanistan
Reason #57 – Harper’s Enemy List
Reason #58 - Harper's Minister Insults Lac Megantic's Dead
Reason #59 - Harper Withholding Education Funds for Natives
Reason #60 - Harper's Hypocrite Trainee John Baird
Reason #61 - Harper's Corrupt May, 2011 Election
Reason #62 – Harper’s Willingness to Destroy B.C. to Ship Tar to China
Reason #63 - Harper's Team Repeated F-Bomb Usage, but Chastise Justin for Same
Reason #64 – Harper’s Campaign to Suppress Voting Instead of Encouraging, Promoting and Guaranteeing Our Democratic Right
Reason #65 - Harper Can't Keep Senior Advisers
Reason #66 - Harper Refuses to Account for $3,100,000,000 Missing from Treasury 
Reason #67 - Harper "Loses" Key Documents
Reason #68 - Harper Government's Apology to First Nations Insincere
Reason #69 - Harper's Crooked Friends and Advisers Avoiding Charges. Why?
Reason #70 - Harper's Deceit: Claims a Majority of Canadians Voted for Him
Reason #71 - Harper Sought Legal Advice to See if Canada Was Legally Obligated to Veterans
Reason #72 - Harper Destroying Archives
Reason #73 - Harper's Hypocrite MP, Pierre "Skippy" Poilievre, Criticizes Justin's F-Bomb
Reason #74 - Harper Blames Everyone Else
Reason #75 - Harper Declares Idle No More Demonstrations Detrimental to Canadian Economy
Reason #76 - Harper Appoints a Lack-of-judgement-babysitter-boinker to Justice Minister, then to the Manitoba Bench
Reason #77 - Harper, (Background: Mailroom Clerk), Criticizes Justin: States Teachers NOT Qualified to be Prime Minister
Reason #78 - Harper Effectively Slams President Barack Obama for his Post Boston Massacre Remarks
Reason #79 - Harper Attempts to Brainwash Canadians
Reason #80 - Harper Brands Natives with Blue Dots
Reason #81 - Harper Gave Us Brazeau
Reason #82 - Harper Sells Canada Out to China for 31 Years
Reason #83 - Harper Pushing for Alberta's Destruction, Economic & Physical
Reason #84 - Harper First Nation’s Assimilation: Eliminates Native Icon
Reason #85 - Harper Continually Bulldozes Native Land Rights
Reason #86 - Harper Told Obama that Alberta Tar is Safe
Reason #87 – Harper Helps Foreign Refugee Children Faster than Desperate Canadian Children
Reason #88 - Harper's PMO Out-of-control
Reason #89 - Harper Hates Science and Scientists
Reason #90 - Harper Wants to Friend a Country that Tortures
Reason #91 - Harper Approves a Liar and Cheat
Reason #92 - Harper Treats Pandas Better Than Natives
Reason #93 - Harper Hates and Fears Justin Trudeau
Reason #94 - Harper's Genocide
Reason #95 - Harper is Going Down
Reason #96 - Harper Screws Veterans
Reason #97 - Harper is Two-faced: Has Different Rules for Senators and Natives
Reason #98 - Harper Ignores Starving Canadian Children
Reason #99 - Harper Deregulates Canada's Water Safety
Reason #100 - Harper's Economic Disaster Plan
Reason #101 - Harper Lied About Gun Registry Cost
Reason #102 - Harper Has the Symptoms of a Psychopath
Reason #103 - Harper Never Admits Guilt; Throws Associates Under the Bus Instead
Reason #104 - Harper Most Hated Canadian Prime Minister in History
Reason #105 - Harper's MP John Baird Not Received Well at United Nations
Reason #106 - Harper Lied in Parliament
Reason #107 - Harper Maintains Enemy List
Reason #108 - Harper Demotes Ambitious Associates
Reason #109 - Harper’s Repeated Proroguing of Parliament
Reason #110 - Harper Appointed Mike Duffy
Reason #111 - Harper Refused to Meet with Chief Spence
Reason #112 - Harper's Disastrous Riot Results at Toronto's G20 Conference
Reason #113 - Harper Spends Millions Lying About Economic Action Plan's Results
Reason #114 - Harper Refused to Investigate May, 2011 Election Robofraud
Reason #115 - Harper Government Calls the Tar Sands "Ethical"
Reason #116 - Harper's Appointee for Privacy Commissioner Considered Unqualified and Involves Potential Conflicts of Interest
Reason #117 - Harper Giving Billions of Canadian Taxpayers' Money to Big Oil, Including Billionaire Koch Brothers
Reason #118 - Harper One of World's Biggest Climate Change Enemies
Reason #119 - Harper Screws Veterans
Reason #120 - Harper Steals $56,000,000,000 from Canada's Unemployed
Reason #121 - Harper Promises to Clean Up B.C. Oil Spills
Reason #122 - Harper Refuses to Legalize Pot
Reason #123 - Harper Attracts Stupid Voters on Harper-flavoured Kool-Aid
Reason #124 - Harper Creates Worst Deficit in Canadian History
Reason #125 - Harper Lied About Transparency
Reason #126 - Harper Refused to Meet Native Hikers
Reason #127 - Harper Attack Ads
Reason #128 - Harper Blocks UN Inspectors
Reason #129 - Harper Policies Stimulating Growth in Canada's Child Poverty
Reason #130 - Harper Releases Canadians' Personal Medical Records to Americans
Reason #131 - Harper's Minister Allegedly Boinking Chinese Spy; She Disappears: Story Buried, No Investigation.
Reason #132 - Harper Continually Refuses to Meet Press to Answer Tough Questions
Reason #133 - Harper Associated with Most Corrupt Company in the World
Reason #134 - Harper Embarrasses Canada: Lectures Europeans on Their Economy While Running Up Worst Deficit in Canadian History
Reason #135 - Harper Spends $20,000,000 Leasing Two Pandas
Reason #136 - Harper Government Approved Arms Sales to Ukrainian Dictator
Reason #137 - Harper's Fantino Drove Vets to Tears
Reason #138 - Harper's Denial about Any Involvement in CON Corruption
Reason #139 - Harper's Flip Flop on Justin Trudeau's Brilliance
Reason #140 - Harper's Lie on Existence of F-35 Contract
Reason #141 - Harper's Repetitiveness of Lies Deeming They Become the Truth
Reason #142 - Harper's Genocide: Slower than Hitler's, But Just as Effective
Reason #143 - Harper-styled Humanity: Foreign Aid Ahead of Domestic Aid
Reason #144 - Harper Promised to Change Canada Until We Did Not Recognize It. Say What? I Loved Canada Just the Way it was!
Reason #145 - Harper: Pandas Trump Natives
Reason #146 - Harper's Apparent Appointment of Mike Duffy to Senate for His Nationwide Attack on Stephane Dion
Reason #147 - Harper Hides in Foreign Bathrooms When the Going Gets Tough
Reason #148 - Harper Financing Israel's Killing of & Barbarism against Palestinians
Reason #149 - Harper Pretending He Can't Hear the Press Calling Out Questions When Canada in Crisis
Reason #150 - Harper's Adviser's Computer Full of Kiddie Porn; NO Seizure Made
Reason #151 - Harper Screws Fallen Soldiers' Families
Reason #152: Harper Attacks Canada's Democracy: Per Former Auditor General
Reason #153 - Harper's MPs Sense of Entitlement
Reason #154 - Harper Government Forces Wounded Veterans to Shut Up by Forcing Them to Sign Agreement to Same
Reason #155 - Harper's Minister Declares Poverty has been Eliminated in Canada
Reason #156 - Harper Awards Press with Senate Seats for Bashing Liberals
Reason #157 - Harper Demands Prisoner Drug Testing
Reason #158 - Harper Attempts to Pit Canada's Ukrainians against Justin Trudeau
Reason #159 - Harper Impedes Investigation of May, 2011 Election Fraud
Reason #160 - Harper's Big Oil Buddies Promise to Return Tar Sands to Original Green State
Reason #161 - Harper Fires Scientists Canada-wide
Reason #162 - Harper Intimates Kim Campbell has no Judgement
Reason #163 - Harper Lectures the British Parliament Like He's an Expert
Reason #164 - Harper Spends $23,000,000 of Canadian Taxpayers' Money to Spy On: Canadian Taxpayers
Reason #165 - Harper Closes Vets Offices Nationwide, (EXCEPT Alberta)
Reason #166 - Harper Gives $265,000,000 to Spanish Company to Pay Mexican Workers
Reason #167 - Harper Ignores 13,926 Peer-reviewed, Scientist-written, Global Warming Reports Dated 1991 to 2012
Reason #168 - Harper Refuses to Comment on Daily Tar Sands Pipeline Breaks Across USA and Canada
Reason #169 - Harper Militarizing Peaceful Canada; Spending Over $100,000,000,000 on Military Equipment
Reason #170 - Harper Continually Increasing Racism & Colonialism Against First Nations
Reason #171 - Harper Declares in Nightly TV Ads: Teachers have No Judgement
Reason #172 - Harper the Contract Man: Makes 31 Year Tar Sands Secret Contract with China; Can't Keep Public Treaties with First Nations
Reason #173 - Harper has Blown $481,927,263 of Liberal Surplus Making Rich Lawyers Richer
Reason #174 - Harper, Despised at United Nations, Sends John Baird to Speak for Him
Reason #175 - Harper the Bully Sends Out PMO Trolls with Signs to Disrupt Justin's Hill Speech
Reason #176 - Harper the Deluded Believes First Nations Trusts Him
Reason #177 - Harper Losing BILLIONS in Potential Pot Taxes
Reason #178 - Harper Breaks Jail Promise for Criminal Politicians
Reason #179 - Harper has ZERO Diplomatic Savvy: Crapped on Justin When Syria Crisis Statement was Expected
Reason #180 - Harper Stuck Fork in Attawapiskat
Reason #181 - Harper Refuses Press Conferences
Reason #182 - Harper Trolls Attack Aunty Harper Graphics by Mikey
Reason #183 - Harper Attacks Liberal Leadership Convention and Every One of Its Candidates
Reason #184 - Harper Types Deemed to be Psychopaths by Medical Experts
Reason #185 - Harper's Continued Hypocrisy: Double Standard in Conduct Rules for Cabinet Ministers
Reason #186 - Harper's New Freedom of Speech Bill Allows SUN TV to Openly Hate Muslims
Reason #187 - Harper Employs Fascist, Military-styled Speech-making
Reason #188 - Harper has NO Moral Authority
Reason #189 - Harper Deluded: Announces First Nations Relations at an All-time High
Reason #190 - Harper Slams Neil Young for His Stance on Tar Sands
Reason #191 - Harper Hypocrisy: Screws Vets But Still Attends Remembrance Day Wearing Poppy
Reason #192 - Harper Considers Himself a Hockey Expert; Only Personal Hat Trick is Firing Three of His Own Hand-picked Senators
Reason #193 - Harper's Unfair Election Bill Produces Backbench CON MP Liar
Reason #194 - Harper Constantly Lying in the House of Commons to Canadians
Reason #195 - Harper, Energy-wise, is How Stupid? Answer: Very
Reason #196 - Harper Views Kyoto as a "Socialist Scheme"
Reason #197 - Harper's Continual Flip-flopping on Mortgage Terms
Reason #198 - Harper Appoints Duffy to Debate New Canadian Bills and Laws in the Senate; Yet on a Form He Can't Figure Out Where He Lives
Reason #199 - Harper Blows $28,000,000 on War of 1812 Fought Between England and USA. How Much Counselling for Vet PTSD Suicides Would That Have Bought?
Reason #200 - Harper Supports Poisoning of First Nations Hunting Grounds
Reason #201 - Harper's Rise in Power Guided by Directors of Most Corrupt Firm in World
Reason #202 - Harper Destroying Canada's Health Care System
Reason #203 - Harper Belongs to the Right Wing, Tea Party-warped, Reformed Movement with its Bible-literal Christian Values
Reason #204 - Harper's Team Complains Veterans Cost Too Much
Reason #205 - Harper Government Racism During Unfair Election Bill Hearing
Reason #206 - Harper, the Control Freak, Uses and Abuses All in His Midst; Spits Them Out When They Pass Their "Expiry Date"
Reason #207 - Harper Never Accepts Personal Responsibility for Problems; Blames and Fires Key Players
Reason #208 - Harper Refused to Talk to Chief Spence
Reason #209 - Harper Ignores First Nations Treaties
Reason #210 - Harper Fires Scientists Who Speak Out
Reason #211 - Harper the Bird Killer Gets Bird Sanctuary Named After Him
Reason #212 - Harper Steals $56,000,000,000 from Unemployed; Gives Himself a Raise
Reason #213 - Harper Calls Himself a Christian
Reason #214 - Harper's Minister of Finance ALSO Deluded
Reason #215 - Harper's John Baird Orders the President to Accept the Keystone Pipeline
Reason #216 - Harper's Mackay Says Fishing Trip Helicopter was Official Business
Reason #217 - Harper's Babysitter Boinker Justice Minister's Justice NOT Working
Reason #218 - Harper Orders Canada Out of Kyoto Accord
Reason #219 - Harper Kills the Health Accord
Reason #220 - Harper Hates the Name Trudeau; Imagine His Hate for "Trudeaumania '15"
Reason #221 - Harper's Brown-noser Pierre "Skippy" Poilievre Publicly Chastises Justin Trudeau for Using the F-Bomb; the Hypocrite Uses it IN CAMERA in Parliamentary Committee Meeting
Reason #222 - Harper's MPs' Sense of Entitlement Widespread: Eve Adam's Goes Hissy-postal at Car Wash
Reason #223 - Harper Apparently Love Guns
Reason #224 - Harper Cans Statistics Canada in Favour of Kijiji for Labour Statistics
Reason #225 - Harper's Election 2011 Robocall Scandal
Reason #226 - Harper Uses Wife Laureen as if He's Seeking to Win the Title: Canada's #1 Misogynist
Reason #227 - Harper's Re-election in 2015 Will Destroy Mother Earth
Reason #228 - Harper the Great Throws Stones at Putin and Russia
Reason #229 - Harper NOT Addressing NOR Demanding that Alberta Clean Up and Pay for Poisonous Tar Sands Pipeline Break Oil Spills All Over the USA
Reason #230 - Harper Published an Article About What a Horrible Man Pierre Trudeau Was .... DURING HIS WAKE!!!!
Reason #231 - Harper, Mister Role Model: Canada's #1 Teen Suicide Enabler
Reason #232 - Harper's Unfair Elections Act Designer, Pierre Poilievre, Attacks Canada's Chief Elections Watchdog
Reason #233 - Harper Attracts Liars
Reason #234 - Harper's Unfair Elections Act Deemed Manipulative
Reason #235 - Harper Government Dismantling Social Programs Built Over Generations
Reason #236 - Harper's Continued Harassment of Canadians' Intelligence with Skippy, a New Trained Seal
Reason #237 - Harper's Link to Ethical Oil Breaks Election Rules: Greenpeace Claim
Reason #238 - Harper Government Allowing the Sale of Highly Contaminated Radioactive Asian Fish in Canada
Reason #239 - Harper Called Out by Independent Senator on Proposed Election Bill
Reason #240 - Harper Slammed by Former Auditor General for His Attack on Democracy
Reason #241 - Harper Monitoring Internet with Hired Trolls, Paid by Canadians' Tax Dollars, Confirmed by CTV
Reason #242 - Harper Now Governing with Vengeance, Not for Canadians: CON Spokesman
Reason #243 - Harper's Hypocritical Mining Death Policy Proves His Racism against First Nations People
Reason #244 - Harper's CON Senator Frum Tweets Elections Canada Should NOT Promote Voter Turnout
Reason #245 - Harper Does Not Respect Our Planet
Reason #246 - Harper May be Part Human: Study
Reason #247 - Harper's Criminalization of Anyone Criticizing the Israeli Atrocities against Palestinians, Which Canada is Funding
Reason #248 - Harper's Classless MP's Campaigning on Back of Flaherty's Death BEFORE His Burial
Reason #249 - Harper's Promoting the Single Largest and Most Destructive Industrial Project on Earth
Reason #250 - Harper Banning Canadian Youth Their Democratic Right to Vote in Their Very First Federal Election
Reason #251 - Harper Closed Parliament Hill to Ordinary Canadians: the Very People Who Pay for It!
Reason #252 - Harper Deems Canada to be a Third World Country
Reason #253 - Harper's Lie about Senate Appointments
Reason #254 - Harper's Temporary Foreign Workers Programme Out of Control, Displacing Thousands of Canadians Right Out of Their Jobs
Reason #255 - Harper Government Okayed Torture
Reason #256 - Harper Government Brands Eric Snowden as a Criminal Because He Exposed Canada Spying on Other Nations
Reason #257 - Harper Now Revoking First Nations Status: With a Law Making It Illegal to Appeal
Reason #258 - Harper Closes Vets Offices, Spends Savings on New MP Office Furniture
Reason #259 - Harper's Labour Importing Plan Violating Human Rights
Reason #260 - Harper Ignores Parliament on Going to War Decision
Reason #261 - Harper's Ministers Obviously Consider Themselves above the Law by Ignoring Federal Accountability Act: Jason Kenny Latest of Many Caught, (April/14)
Reason #262 - Harper's Wife Prioritizes Cats over Murdered and Missing Native Women
Reason #263 - Harper Votes to collect his $100,000/annum Pension from Age 65 and All Other Canadians to Wait until Age 67
Reason #264 - Harper's Idiotic Tar Sands Carbon Footprint Strategy Will Flood Major Cities Worldwide
Reason #265 - Harper is Blocking People from Voting in Election 2015
Reason #266 - Harper Hiding Embarrassment of Economic Disaster Plan under the Proverbial Rug
Reason #267 - Harper Refusing to Listen to Spiritual Leaders Guided by the Creator
Reason #268 - Harper STILL Won't Produce the $90,000 Cheque After a Full Year. Was There Ever a Cheque or Was That a Lie Too?
Reason #269 - Harper's Hollow Threats to Putin
Reason #270 - Harper Spends $4,600,000 on Canadian Skills Study then Tosses it in Garbage
Reason #271 - Harper has Cut from Every Social Service to Increase Military Spending and His Personal Pension
Reason #272 - Harper to Endanger Whales in Order to Ship Tar to China
Reason #273 - Harper Plays Partisan Politics with Funerals: No Invite to Herb Gray's Family One Week after Doling Out a Huge One for Jim Flaherty's Family
Reason #274 - Harper's Hate Speech: Stated He Had Rid Canada of Liberals Just Like Bell Bottom Trousers and Disco Balls
Reason #275 - Harper's Control over Cops: The RCMP Refuse to Investigate Underage Female Binge Drinker Taken Away from 24 Sussex in Ambulance
Reason #276 - Harper, the Alleged Robocall King, Sending 500 Observers to the Ukraine at the Expense of Canadian Taxpayers
Reason #277 - Harper WAY over Budget on Personal Security Detail: Over $5,000,000
Reason #278 - Harper Controls the RCMP
Reason #279 - Harper's Out-of-control Foreign Worker Programme Screwing Canadian Workers
Reason #280 - Harper Sending Troops Back to Danger Zone on Special Afghanistan Mission WITHOUT Danger Pay
Reason #281- Harper Government Orders 40 Families from Their Homes, Puts Them in a Hotel for 3 Years at the Cost of $86,000,000, Gives Away Their Homes and Belongings
Reason #282 - Harper's MP Suggests Mulcair Hastened Jack Layton's Death
Reason #283 - Harper's Foreign Worker Programme Driving Up Canada's Unemployment Rate
Reason #284 - Harper's Lack of Energy Knowledge Destroying Alberta at Warp Speed
Reason #285 - Harper Fingers the RCMP as Liars
Reason #286 - Harper's Selective Memory of Canadian History
Reason #287 - Harper Never Admits He's Wrong
Reason #288 - Harper's Gets MacDonald Hamburgers to Join His Attack against the CBC
Reason #289 - Harper's PMO Run by Psychopaths: Confirmed by Former CON MP Brent Rathgeber
Reason #290 - Harper's Attempt to Kill the Senate Squashed by the Supreme Court
Reason #291 - Harper Lied to All Canadians in Order to Get Elected
Reason #292 - Harper Brings in 350,000 Foreign Workers and Includes Them as New Jobs He has created for Canadians
Reason #293 - Harper's Transport Policies Keeping Canada in the Dark Ages
Reason #294 - Harper's Flip-flopping on Elections Act Reform
Reason #295 - Harper Has Made the Poisoning of Canada's Waters Legal, Except for Those on Which His Friends' Cottages Sit
Reason #296 - Harper Government Orders File on Canadian Serviceman, Killed by Israelis, to be Sealed
Reason #297 - Harper Repeatedly Reneges on His Official Apology to First Nations
Reason #298 - Harper's Sickening Handling of Chief Spence's Hunger Strike
Reason #299 - Harper Keeps Minister Caught in Questionable Affair with Alleged Chinese Spy
Reason #300 - Harper Spends Over $1,000,000 to Fly His Limo to Asia
Reason #301 - Harper Sticks it to Quebec: Announces New Ontario Bridge While Canada's Busiest in Montreal at Risk of Collapsing
Reason #302 - Harper Sucks Up to First Nations in Ottawa While Alberta's First Nation's Genocide Rages
Reason #303 - Harper Stole Australian Prime Minister John Howard's Speech and Delivered it to Canadians in Parliament as His Own
Reason #304 - Harper the Hypocrite Passes His Federal Accountability Act, Bill C-2, on April 11, 2006; Subsequently Breaks His Own Law by Continually Refusing to be Accountable to Canadians
Reason #305 - Harper Refuses to Answer Questions from the Press, (Unless They're Children)
Reason #306 - Harper Seriously Dividing Canadians over Unfair Elections Bill
Reason #307 - Harper Created the Position of Parliamentary Budget Officer, Then Stuck a Fork in Him
Reason #308 - Harper's Psychotic Mentality has been Confirmed by his Former Chief Adviser: Harper is NOT the Military-minded Head of State We Want Now, Who Could Lead Us to War with Russia
Reason #309 - Harper Ignores Treaty Rights in CON's Tarnished Aboriginal Education Bill
Reason #310 - Harper's Eastbound Tar Line a Threat to Canada's Beluga Whales
Reason #311 - Harper Screws First Nations People on Countless Fronts, then in His Usual State of Delusion, Crashes a Drum Session Likes He's a Buddy-Buddy
Reason #312 - Harper Apparently Gives Judge, Jury & Prosecution Duties to RCMP
Reason #313 - Harper Refuses to Invite Families of Missing and Murdered Native Women to Meeting with the Heads of Various Women’s Groups in Ontario to Discuss Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
Reason #314 - Harper Proving the Huge Depth of Racism for First Nations in Canada
Reason #315 - Harper Manipulates National Chief Shawn Atleo against His Own People
Reason #316 - Harper Lied to Canadians About F-35
Reason #317 - Harper's Limo Over Our Afghanistan War Dead
Reason #318 - Harper Spying on Canadians Illegally, Without Warrants
Reason #319 - Harper Declares Pipelines Create Jobs and Pipeline Installer Kinder Morgan Publishes Where: Cleaning Up All the Resulting Spills
Reason #320 - Harper's Dumbing Down Canada: Forcing Scientists and Research to Leave Our Once Revered Scientific Nation
Reason #321 - Harper Brands Humanitarian Organization as Terrorists
Reason #322 - Harper Says He Does Not Trust Canadians on Election Days
Reason #323 - Harper's Foreign Worker Policy Shuts Canadian Helicopter Pilots Out of Jobs
Reason #324 - Harper Went to Switzerland to Announce He Was Screwing Every Canadian Pensioner Out of Two Years of Pension, His Excepted
Reason #325 - Harper's Shameless Misogynistic Placing of His Two Blond MPs Over His Shoulders in Line with the CPAC Cameras
Reason #326 - Harper Refuses Advice from the Chief Justice of Canada, Thereby Turning the Marc Nadon Non-appointment to the Supreme Court into a Farce and Waste of Time and Taxpayers' Money
Reason #327 - Harper Sent His Team Abroad to Source Foreign Workers to Fill Job Opportunities Meant for Canadian Youth
Reason #328 - Harper Smears the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada: Harper Accuses Beverly McLachlin of Inappropriate Behaviour
Reason #329 - Harper-controlled RCMP Now Acting as Prosecution, Judge and Jury in Harper-related Cases
Reason #330 - Harper's Policy Gives B.C. Canadian Jobs to Imported Mexican Workers
Reason #331 - Harper Cripples Provinces by Reducing Federal Transfer Payments: Then Turns Around and Attacks Their New Budgets
Reason #332 - Harper Attacks Ontario's Elderly: Cuts Federal Pensions By Two Years, then Rejects Ontario's Provincial Pension Plan
Reason #333 - Harper's Unfair Elections Act Screws Canadian Youth Out of Voting Because Polls Show Youth Will NOT Vote for Harper
Reason #334 - Harper has been Rebuked by the Supreme Court of Canada, as at May, 2014, FIVE Times for Overstepping his Mandate
Reason #335 - Harper Enraging Veterans with "His Big Partisan Military Spectaculars Celebrating Ancient Wars"
Reason #336 - Harper's Inadequate Care for Wounded Veterans
Reason #337 - Harper Ignored Warnings that His New Aboriginal Education Bill was TOO MUCH of a Reminder of the Residential Schools and Their Resulting Genocide of Thousands of First Nations Children
Reason #338 - Harper Found GUILTY of Aboriginal Genocide in International Court of Justice
Reason #339 - Harper Holds Press Conference to Effectively Announce He is Smarter than the Chief Justice of Canada
Reason #340 - Harper in Contempt of the Supreme Court of Canada
Reason #341 - Harper's Residential School Apology Was Insincere; Spoken with Forked Tongue
Reason #342 - Harper Government Ignores Inquiry's Recommendation into Missing and Murdered First Nations Women
Reason #343 - Harper Announces an Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Native Women Would be Useless
Reason #344 - Harper's Bill C-33 on Aboriginal Education Rejected by: Grand Chief Delisle, Chief Craig Makinaw of the Ermineskin Cree Nation, Okimaw Wallace Fox of the Onion Lake Cree Nation, Gordon Peters of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians, and Grand Chief Derek Nepinak of the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
Reason #345 - Harper's Chief Spokesman of the Day, “Skippy,” Claims Marc Mayrand, Canada's Chief Electoral Officer, Might be Motivated by Money and Power
Reason #346 - Harper is SO Stubborn He Continues to Run Attack Ads Against Justin: Despite Polls Proving They are Backfiring and Damaging the Conservative Party
Reason #347 - Harper Protecting Rich as the Harper Government Evidently Ordered Statistics Canada to Stop Tracking Canadian Money in Foreign Tax Shelters to Avoid Paying Their Fair Share of Canadian Taxes
Reason #348 - Harper's Gazebo Fraud Expert, Tony Clement, Labelled Former Auditor General Sheila Fraser a “Self-proclaimed Expert” in Her Criticism of the Unfair Elections Act
Reason #349 - Harper is HOW Racist? Fish are More Important than Women: He Calls an Inquiry into Missing Salmon, But NOT Missing and Murdered Native Women!
Reason #350 - Harper Accused Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page of “Overstepping His Mandate,” After Page Criticized Harper's Pending Acquisition of F-35 Fighter Jets: WITHOUT TENDER!
Reason #351 - Harper Breaks Promise Never to Collect MP Pension then WORSE: Really Flip-flops by Denouncing Ontario's Wynne for Trying to Pay One to its People
Reason #352 - Harper Lied: Defamed Canadian Nuclear Safety Head Linda Keen By Announcing Her “Lack of Leadership” was to Blame for the Chalk River Reactor Shutdown When in FACT She Was the One Flashing the Red Light
Reason #353 - Harper Government Accused RCMP Public Complaints Commission Head Paul Kennedy of Being a Paper-pushing Bureaucrat After Kennedy Complained the Commission Couldn't Do Its Job Because of Repeated Hindrance by RCMP Brass
Reason #354 - Harper Abolishes First Ministers’ Conferences 
Reason #355 - Harper Accused Peter Tinsley, Head of the Military Police Complaints Commission, of Political Partisanship and Fired Him After Tinsley Questioned Harper's Handling of Afghan Detainees
Reason #356 - Harper makes up “Jobs Created” Figures like a Magician Pulling a Rabbit from a Hat
Reason #357 - Harper's Caucus Serves as Canada's Worst Role Models for Our Children, with Impunity: Especially Drunk Driving
Reason #358 - Harper Government Accused Richard Colvin, a Canadian Foreign Service Officer Serving in Afghanistan, of Lacking Credibility and Being Duped by the Taliban: AFTER Colvin Warned Harper that Afghan Detainees were Being Tortured
Reason #359 - Harper Pours Millions of Dollars into Haiti after Hurricane: Simultaneous with His Refusal to help Attawapiskat's State of Emergency
Reason #360 - Harper Fired Retired Colonel Pat Stogran, Canada's First Veteran's Ombudsman, After Stogan's Criticism of Harper's Cancellation of Veterans' Disability Pensions in Favour of One-time Lump Sum Payments, Which Effectively Screwed Most Veterans
Reason #361 - Harper Fired the Best Page Our Canadian Parliament Ever Had
Reason #362 - Harper's Minister Using Search & Rescue Helicopter for Personal Fishing Trip and Worse: Apparently Lying About It!
Reason #363 - Harper Put Gag Order on Canadian Wheat Board President Adrian Measner, Barring Measner from Lobbying Against the Harper Government. When Measner Refused to Comply: He Was Terminated
Reason #364 - Harper Deems He is Above the Law: Overrules the Federal Court of Canada after the Court Ruled that Harper Had Broken the Law on the Wheat Board Travesty
Reason #365 - Harper Ignored a State of Emergency Called in a Native Community But Reacted Immediately When His Own Riding Was Flooded
Reason #366 - Harper's Environment Tool, Peter Kent, Told the World to Screw Off with Their Koyoto Accord in Durban
Reason #367 - Harper Appoints a Liar as Justice Minister!
Reason #368 - Harper's Obsession to Screw Quebec
Reason #369 - Harper's Hypocritical "Tar Sands is Ethical" Line ... He's Trying to Ship It to the Saudis for Refining!
Reason #370 - Harper's Foreign Worker Programme Promotes Modern Slavery and Death Threats
Reason #371 - Harper's Office Refusing to Clarify Defamation Made Against Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Reason #372 - Harper Drops Kijiji as Its Source for Harper Government Policy Making
Reason #373 - Harper Government Withheld Residential School Evidence in Apparent Attempt to Screw First Nation Victims Out of Sexual and Serious Physical Abuse Compensation
Reason #374 - Harper Personally Vetted and Appointed a Senator Whose Resume Contained Degrees from Universities with Contact Information Not Much Better Than Telephone Booth Phone Numbers
Reason #375 - Harper Handing out Tax Subsidies to Oil, Coal, and Gas Companies While Screwing First Nation Residential School Victims out of Rightful Compensation
Reason #376 - Harper the Backstabber Refused to Meet with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to Discuss Federal-Provincial Relations of Any Kind, Leaving her High and Dry the Minute She Took Office, But Immediately Started to Stab Her in the Back as Soon as an Ontario Provincial Election was Called
Reason #377 - Harper Ordered by Court to Give Back Voting Rights to More than 1,000,000 Canadian Long-Term Expatriates in a Decision by Ontario Superior Court Justice Michael Penny, Citing Voting is Their Constitutional Right
Reason #378 - Harper's PMO Team Actually Got Kent to Read a Script That Emphatically Stated that Instead of a Binding Convention We Need a Binding Convention. And URGENTLY!
Reason #379 - Harper's PMO's Team Suit Actually Got Peter Kent to State Mankind Should Feel Guilty for Trying to Control Climate Change; At Least, That’s What It Seems He Said
Reason #380 - Harper Insults First Nations Again: Announces Aboriginal Education Plan "On Hold"
Reason #381 - Harper Stole a Majority by Suppressing the Majority
Reason #382 - Harper's Cuts to Health Canada's Library has Put Canadians at Serious Health Risk
Reason #383 - Harper Mixing Church and State
Reason #384 - Harper Government's Ignoring a State of Emergency in a First Nation's Community for Months
Reason #385 - Harper's Propaganda Machine against the Palestinians
Reason #386 - Harper Convincing Workers to Vote for Him, THEN Ruling Their Strikes Illegal!
Reason #387 - Harper Spent Over $5,000,000 on Rideau Canal Warm Up Shacks While Attawapiskat Children Froze in Their Beds
Reason #388 - Harper made up a New Word for Muslims: Then Inferred all Muslims are Terrorists
Reason #389 - Harper Ordered Canadians to Celebrate the Killing of Americans on Canada Day. (Would anything but a psychopath order this?)
Reason #390 - Harper Shamelessly Stole "Imagine" from Yoko Ono, its Copyright Holder, and Made a Recording
Reason #391 - Harper Orders Jets He Says Canada Needs NOW, But Pentagon Announces They Won't be "Fully Operational" Until 2025, (at this Point!)
Reason #392 - Harper's Denial of Climate Change, His Obstinate Refusal to Recognize Scientific Climate Finds, and the Resulting Foot Print of Destruction Alberta is reeking on Mother Earth Makes Harper a Criminal to Us, Our Children, Their Children and Their Children's Children
Reason #393 - Harper Putting Everyone in Disagreement with Him on His CON Enemy List
Reason #394 - Harper's Team Escalating, NOT Defusing, CON Feud with Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Reason #395 - Harper the Hypocrite Putting Tighter and Tighter Control on Auto Emission Standards While His Tar Sands is Destroying the Atmosphere
Reason #396 - Harper Proclaims Jim Flaherty to Be the Greatest Finance Minister in Canada's History. So Why Was Flaherty paying Deloitte Inc. $90,000 of Taxpayers' Money Per Day for Advice? To Make Hamburgers and Poutine for Stray Pussy Cats?
Reason #397 - Harper Wants to Risk British Columbia's Beauty to Order to Fatten Alberta's Bank Account and Help Boost China to Become the Most Powerful Nation on Earth
Reason #398 - Harper is Funding Ethical Oil through Canadian Taxpayers
Reason #399 - Harper is Apparently Paying for SUN News' Web Site with Canadian Taxpayers' Money
Reason #400 - Harper Apparently Has Lost or Stolen $3,100,000,000 from the Treasury and People Wonder What Caused Flaherty's Heart Attack!
Reason #401 - Harper Has Put Canada Into the Position of Financially Supporting the Killing of Babies on Foreign Soil and Accepted a Racist World Statesman Award for Helping to Kill Them. Would He Support a Kill Position of Ottawa's Stray Cats?
Reason # 402 - Harper Spent $19,000,000 of YOUR Money in 2013 Advertising He Would Force Cell Phone Rates Down. Ya Right! Did You Fall For It? His CRTC Immediately Allowed Increases
Reason #403 - Harper has allowed "Temporary" Foreign Workers to Flood the City of Vancouver. Map Reveals They Have Taken Away Canadian Jobs in Huge Masses
Reason #404 - Harper has allowed "Temporary" Foreign Workers to Flood the City of Edmonton. Map Reveals They Have Taken Away Canadian Jobs in Huge Masses
Reason #405 - Harper has allowed "Temporary" Foreign Workers to Flood the City of Calgary. Map Reveals They Have Taken Away Canadian Jobs in Huge Masses
Reason #406 - Harper has NOT Allowed "Temporary" Foreign Workers En Masse into Calgary Southwest like Other Canadian Cities. Oh My! What a Coincidence! That is Harper's Own Riding!
Reason #407 - Harper Continues to Allow Enbridge to Continue Business in Canada despite Their Known Links to Death Squads in Columbia
Reason #408 - Harper is Stalking Our Facebook Pages
Reason #409 - Harper Has Taken Canada's Political Management into a Nosedive According to Germany's Bertelsmann Institute
Reason #410 - Harper's New Police Policy Plan Predicts Police Lives Will be Jeopardized
Reason #411 - Harper's Continued Fiscal Attack on the CBC Forces the Fifth Estate's Linden Macintyre to Make Conscientious Decision to Quit In Order to Save Younger CBC Careers
Reason #412 - Harper Has Twisted and Turned MUCH of the Canadian Press into a CON Propaganda Machine
Reason #413 - Harper Sells Out Canada to China in a 31-Year Deal, Cloaked in Secrecy, Allowing China to Sue Canada for Any Shortcomings in Chinese Courts
Reason #414 - Harper Government Billed Silver Cross Mother Wendy Miller $2,300 After the Funeral Costs for Her Afghanistan Victim Son Pte. Andrew Miller, 21, Went "Over-budget" and Served Her Notice the Harper Government Would Garnishee Her Taxes if No Payment was Made
Reason #415 - Harper Wasted $80,000 of Taxpayers' Money on Nadon Selection KNOWING He Did Not Meet the Required Qualifications
Reason #416 - Harper Insults the Liberal Party of Canada, Comparing This Hard-working Organization and Coast-to-Coast-to-Coast Membership as Nothing Better Than Disco Balls and Bell Bottom Trousers
Reason #417 - Harper Minimizes Psychological Support and Watches Vets Commit Suicide While He Spends $374,000 on Defense Department Renovations
Reason #418 - Harper MP Caught Speeding While Drunk Driving and in Possession of Cocaine. Punishment: $500 Fine. What Punishment Would a First Nations Person Get?
Reason #419 - Harper Considers Himself So Perfect He is Taking Advice from No One
Reason #420 - Harper's Job Bank Database is Full of Jobs Already Filled: Meaning Canadians are Wasting Their Time, Money and Energy Applying for Jobs Long Gone
Reason #421 - Harper Arrogantly considers himself to be the Commander-in-chief of the Canadian Armed Forces and Insisted He Officially Accept the Last Flag from Afghanistan. In an ENTITLED Rage, Gordon Moore, Royal Canadian Legion Dominion President, Put Harper in His Place
Reason #422 - Harper is Apparently Influencing Some Canadians to Lie about Being Canadian Just to Get a Job in Canada
Reason #423 - Harper's Countless New Bills Assimilating the First Nations
Reason #424 - Harper Has NEVER Had a Plan to Care for the 4,000,000 Canadians Who Don’t Have Access to Healthy Food
Reason #425 - Harper STILL Trying to Suppress Votes Three Years After the May, 2011 Robocall Election Debacle
Reason #426 - Harper Has NO Plan to Combat the Mental Health Pandemic Engulfing Canada
Reason #427 - Harper is allowed to Deal with the Biggest Warmonger since Hitler but He Can’t Deal Diplomatically with His Supreme Court's Chief Justice
Reason #428 - Harper Leading the Way in Turning Canada Into a Minimum Wage Haven for Corporations
Reason #429 - Harper Has Created a Massive Data Debt in Canada Causing a Host of Policy Mistakes
Reason #430 - Harper Dictates to Obama to Install the Keystone Pipeline: Which Tar Will be Refined at a Saudi Refinery and Sold to China.... Just as Obama Learns the USA Has the Largest Oil Reserves in the World in Montana and North Dakota
Reason #431 - Harper Government Angry that Assault Rifles Added to Banned List by RCMP
Reason #432 - Harper's Action Plan for Missing and Murdered Native Women: Do NOTHING!
Reason #433 - Harper Tells All Countries Worldwide to Accept Canadians Into Their Countries with a Passport as Valid Proof of Identification But Tells the Same Canadians It Is NOT Valid Proof of ID to Vote In Canada
Reason #434 - Harper Drastically Cuts Veterans Services All-the-while Blowing $100,000 on Promoting Veterans Affair's Department Tweets on Twitter
Reason #435 - Harper, Apparently a Duplicitous, Ignorant, Pathological Egomaniac by His Obstinate Behaviour in this Case, Ignores the Advice of 650 of Canada's Top Legal Minds and REFUSES to Apologize to the Supreme Court of Canada Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin
Reason #436 - Harper is Rebuked by United Nations Who Have Been Raising Red Flags Regarding Harper's Strained Dealings with Canada’s First Nations with Warnings About a Housing Crisis, Sub-par Education and a Call for an Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women
Reason #437 - Harper, Rebuked by Canada's Legal System, Now Changing Events of What Happened Surrounding His Public Insult of the Supreme Court's Chief Justice
Reason #438 - Harper Government, Who Killed the Canadian Wheat Board, Blames the Railways for the Prairies’ Multibillion-dollar Grain Backlog
Reason #439 - Harper Trying to Blind Voters in the Upcoming 2015 Election by Flip-flopping on the 2,000,000 Canadian Waterways He Screwed in an Omnibus Bill by Laminating His Carcinogenic Big Oil Treachery with Candy-coated Flip-flop Bullshit. How Does this Placating Crap Bring Back the Dead in the Fort Chip Cemetery?
Reason #440 - Harper Saves $18,000,000 by Closing Veterans Affairs Offices Nationwide, (Except in Alberta), then Pours $22,000,000 into Tar Sands Advertising. Tar: More Important than Vets
Reason #441 - Harper IGNORED Letter Warning Him NOT to Appoint International Crook Arthur Porter to Oversee Canada's Spy Agency
Reason #442 - Harper Government Demands Government Lawyers to Violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms Whenever Possible: According to Government Lawyer Whistle-blower
Reason #443 - Harper Blatantly Used Illegal Foreign Election Workers in Fourteen Ridings during Election '11 in Direct Violation of the Canada Election Act Which Bars Foreign Political Involvement
Reason #444 - Harper Leaves Vladimir Yakunin OFF Sanction List. ALL Other Countries Making Economic Sanctions Against Russia in the Ukraine Crisis Include this Rich Businessman ON Their Lists. OH WAIT! Of Course! He Has HUGE Dealings with SNC Lavelin: the Company That Financed Harper to Power. RCMP Should Investigate this Apparent Harper Arm's Length Arrangement!
Reason #445 - Harper's RCMP Commissioner Appointee Insults EVERY First Nations Person in Canada by Saying in May, 2014 that He is 'Surprised' by the High Number of Reported Cases of Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women. Where in the Hell is His Office? On Mars?!?!
Reason #446 - Harper Tells Canadians, in a Flagrant Refusal to be Transparent and Accountable, that Canadian Taxpayers are NOT Entitled to Know How Much of THEIR Tax Money He is Spending on HIS Staff
Reason #447 - Harper Running CON Caucus Like a Cult
Reason #448 - Harper Closes Veterans Offices Nationwide to Save $18,000,000. NOW SIT DOWN! Did You Know Harper GIVES AWAY $34,000,000,000, (YES! THAT'S BILLIONS), to Big Oil ANNUALLY? Feeling Sick?
Reason #449 - Harper's Police Force Corrupt to the Core
Reason #450 - Harper Government, in a Written Statement, Now Blaming Former Liberal Government from 2002 for the Temporary Foreign Worker Programme Corruption. Hell, Why Not Blame Adam and Eve Too?
Reason #451 - Harper's Plan, (Being Deluded to the Max), seems to be to Blow the CON Party Up for the Next Federal Election
Reason #452 - Harper's Under Funding is Destroying Parks Canada
Reason #453 - Harper Insulting Canada's Veterans by Running Television Advertisements Ad Nausea during the Stanley Cup Playoff Games about How Much He is Doing for Them
Reason #454 - Harper Government Encouraging the Continued Sale of Canadian Arms
Reason #455 - Harper Allowed the RCMP to Investigate THEMSELVES When It Became Known that Police Force Was Full of Corruption
Reason #456 - Harper is Apparently Infiltrating First Nations Band Councils
Reason #457 - Harper and the RCMP are Not Only Refusing to Call an Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Native MEN, (Akin to Their Refusal for a Women's Inquiry), But Also IGNORING the Serious Problem Altogether!
Reason #458 - Harper Sent Worst Politician in Ontario's History to Advise another Country
Reason #459 - Harper Government's Operation of Participaction Programme Beyond Abysmal: Physical Shape of Canada's Children Now Ranked Almost Worst in World
Reason #460 - Harper's Participaction Programme Uses Coca-Cola as a Principal Sponsor. What Kind of a Fitness Promotion is That! Have Another Pound of Sugar Kiddies!
Reason #461 - Harper Labels Prince Charles a Radical!
Reason #462 - Harper has Mutilated Statistics Canada Resulting in a Wide Ranging Pattern of Disinformation which has Crippled Government Decision-making
Reason #463 - Harper Has Killed Democracy, Threatening Telecom Giants to shut up about How Much He is Spying on Canadians
Reason #464 - Harper Refusing to Obey Canada's Access to Information Laws
Reason #465 - Harper Demands Investigation of Tar Sands Polluting Shut Down
Reason #466 - Harper Refuses to Call an Inquiry into First Nations Babies, Children and Women being sold into the Sex Trade on Great Lakes Ships
Reason #467 - Harper, the "World Statesman," Sticking it to Canada's Aboriginal People, per the United Nations
Reason #468 - Harper Knew of Conservative Party Bribe and Should Resign as Prime Minister According to Bruce Carson, Harper's Senior Aide, 2004 to 2009
Reason #469 - Harper Government Caught Lying About Conservative Appointee's Credentials: Claims They are University Professors. Fabricated B/S. They are NOT
Reason #470 - Harper Trying to Replace the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms with the Bible as Canadian Law
Reason #471 - Harper Spending Huge Sums of Canadian Taxpayers' Money, in Federal CON MPs' Salaries, to Influence a Provincial Election
Reason #472 - Harper Expropriating and Throwing an Old Person Off His Multi Generation Family Farm Instead of Devising an Alternate Solution
Reason #473 - Harper Insists on Spying on Canadians Through the Internet. The CBC Poll Proves 94% of Canadians do NOT Want Harper Spying on Them
Reason #474 - Harper Forces "Fair" Elections Act on Canadians Simultaneous With His Own Eve Adams Allegedly Using Vote Suppression, Overspending and Harassing and Illegal Phone Calls, Which Has Launched Formal Complaints Within the CON Party, Elections Canada and the CRTC. The CONs Can't Even Conduct an Honest Party Riding Nomination!
Reason #475 - Harper Using CON MP Salaries Paid by Taxpayers to Develop Software Aimed at Rigging 2015 Federal Election
Reason #476 - Harper Government Giving Environmental Journalists Investigating Tar Sands a Hard Time at Border Crossings: Harper Government Now Labelled "A Government of Thugs" by Foreign Press
Reason #477 - Harper's Report Card on Major Indigenous Issues: Nine Categories, Nine FAILS. Harper Obviously Has NO Judgement and is WAY in Over His Head
Reason #478 - Harper "Acted Inappropriately" in a Ruling by Federal Court Justice Richard Mosley, When Harper Appointed Kevin MacAdam, (Former Conservative Provincial Cabinet Minister), as Director General of Operations at the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.
Reason #479 - Harper Releasing All Canadian Veterans' Medical Records to the USA
Reason #480 - Harper's Policies Even Screws Canadians Working in His Tar Sands
Reason #481 - Harper Spends More Than One Million Dollars Shipping his Personal Limousine around the World, But Leaves Canadian Veterans so Short on a D-Day Travel Subsidy, France is Footing Their Bills
Reason #482 - Harper's Former CON Executive Director Opens Up About the PMO's Vile Mindset: Break the Law if Necessary to Maintain Respect for Harper
Reason #483 - Harper Hired a KNOWN Crook, Bruce Carson, and Gave Him Security Clearance to Sensitive Government Files, Information and Secrets
Reason #484 - Harper Government LIED About the Temporary Foreign Workers Programme
Reason #485 - Harper Replaced ALL the Paintings of Former Prime Ministers in the Parliament Building Lobby with Pictures of Himself
Reason #486 - Harper Sent Out a Prime Minister's Official Christmas Card Portraying Himself Looking Out His Living Room Window Adorned with 24 photographs, Small to Large, of Himself
Reason #487 - Harper's Rise to Power Linked to Neo-Nazi Roots
Reason #488 - Harper Putting B.C.'s Environment Increasingly at Risk with Mile Long Trains Full of Poisonous Tar
Reason #489 - Harper Adds Media to His Enemy List
Reason #490 - Harper Government Invokes "Cabinet Secrecy Rules" to Avoid Telling Canadians Where the Harper Government is spending $400,000,000 of THEIR Money!
Reason #491 - Harper Sued $100,000 for Libel Against the National Council of Canadian Muslims
Reason #492 - Harper Government under Investigation by Federal Integrity Commission on Tory Hiring Practices, Due to Pattern of Patronage Abuse
Reason #493 - Harper's Education Bill Rejected by First Nations Assembly, Noting Harper Has Reneged on $1,900,000,000 Election Promise
Reason #494 - Harper Ignored a State of Emergency for Freezing and Starving Children in Canada for MONTHS but Pledges $3,500,000,000 for Foreign Children. How Much More Could One Man do to Demonstrate So Much Hate for His Own Aboriginal People Than This Slap in the Face?
Reason #495 - Harper Government Refuses to Talk to Wife of Veteran with PTSD
Reason #496 - Harper's Office, (PMO), and Senate Virtually Tied as the LEAST Trusted Branches of the Federal Government According to Poll of Canadians
Reason #497 - Harper Government Wasting $4,000,000 of Taxpayers' Money on "We're-So-Wonderful-to-Veterans-Ads" During NHL Playoffs, Which are Cited by Veterans as Misleading and Giving the Impression the Harper Government is Doing More than it Actually is
Reason #498 - Harper Refuses to Save $500,000,000 of Taxpayers' Money on New Icebreaker
Reason #499 Harper's Alleged Robocall Expert Claims the CONs are all About Power and Not Making Canada Better
Reason #500 - Harper Isolating Himself from Everybody Resulting in Rash Decisions and Vindictiveness
Reason #501 - Harper Banning Gay People from Visiting Canada
Reason #502 - Harper Hypocritically Hosts the Maternal Health Summit While Continuing to Stick It to Canada's Indigenous Mothers and Their Babies
Reason #503 - Harper the Hypocrite Hosts an International Summit with its Theme "Saving Every Woman Every Child" While He Continues to Finance Arms for Israel that Kill Palestinian Women and Children Using Money from the Canadian Taxpayers' Treasury
Reason #504 - Harper Government ONLY Nation Out of 98 to Oppose United Nations' Small-scale Fisheries Guidelines Despite Canadian SCIENTISTS Urging Harper to Sanction the Guidelines
Reason #505 - Harper No Longer Knows Canadian Values After Electing to Drop Out of the World Values Survey
Reason #506 - Harper's Attack on CBC "Willfully Destructive" and Undermines its Independence According to a Letter from Tim Casgrain, the Broadcaster's Tory-appointed Former Chair, to Harper
Reason #507 - Harper Government Apparently Caught Lying to Canadians About the Canada-EU Trade Deal
Reason #508 - Harper Forbids Weather Forecasters from Discussing Climate Change Without Getting Political Clearance
Reason #509 - Harper Invited Press to Maternal Health Summit Only to Restrict Their Access Once They Arrived
Reason #510 - Harper Government's Attitude of Canadians Revealed at Senate Committee Meeting When Former Chief of Communications Security Establishment Canada Deems All Canadians are Stupid
Reason #511 - Harper Disrespected EVERY Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Woman in Canada in Just Two Seconds at the Maternal Health Summit. One Side of His Face Says No Inquiry Needed. His Other Side of His Face Says Women's Lives are Precious
Reason #512 - Harper Downgraded the Status of the Humpback Whale from "Threatened" to a Species of "Special Concern" Because their Habitat Lies Directly Along the Proposed Northern Gateway Tar Sands Tanker Route
Reason #513 - Harper's Past and Continued Efforts, Including the Unfair Elections Act, to Keep Canadians from Voting
Reason #514 - Harper Cuts Funding for Wapaskwa Virtual Collegiate, a Successful, On-line, Virtual High School Allowing First Nations Teens to Complete High School in Their Remote Communities
Reason #515 - Harper and Staff REFUSING to Talk to Press
Reason #516 - Harper Slams Communism AFTER making a 31-year Secret Deal with COMMUNIST China Which Allows COMMUNIST China to Sue Canada in COMMUNIST Courts in China
Reason #517 - Harper Gives $BILLIONS in Subsidies to Big Oil and $BILLIONS in Aid to Foreign Countries While Canada's Food Bank Crisis has Reached Pandemic Proportions, with Many People Being Turned Away. Shouldn't Aid Start at Home?
Reason #518 - Harper Cancelled Katimavik
Reason #519 - Harper's MPs Leave Classified Government Documents in Airports and at Girlfriend's
Reason #520 - Harper Stole Speech from Australian Prime Minister
Reason #521 - Harper Creates National Conservation Plan to Protect Canada But it EXCLUDES Canada's National Parks and Wilderness         
Reason #522 - Harper MP Cheryl Gallant Mocks Soldiers with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Reason #523 - Harper has the Canadian Forces Investigating Sexual Assault in the Military by the Canadian Forces
Reason #524 - Harper's Office is Interfering with Access to Information. Isn't this a Criminal Charge?
Reason #525 - Harper Government Pushing for Tar Sands Pipeline Based on "Essentially Useless" Northern Gateway Pipeline Report, According to 300 Scientists
Reason #526 - Harper is a Wrecking Ball Destroying Canada
Reason #527 - Harper Now Watching His Appointed "Rats Jumping Ship"
Reason #528 - Harper Knew About the $90,000 and RCMP Refused to Investigate, According to Media
Reason #529 - Harper Orders 'Government of Canada' be changed to the 'Harper Government'
Reason #530 - Harper, in Dictator Style, Now Decides on Canadian Military Action, Not Parliament Who Represent Canadians' Wishes
Reason #531 - Harper Government is Now Giving, According to Statistics, the Majority of New Jobs in Canada to Foreign Workers. Do You Recognize Our Canada Anymore?
Reason #532 - Harper Leaves Canada, Conveniently Refusing to Meet with Largest Veterans' Protest in History on Parliament Hill
Reason #533 - Harper's Riding a Hotbed for Jihadi Suicide Bomber Development
Reason #534 - Harper's Dictatorship-like Style Grows as He Orders Appointment of Canada’s New Privacy Commissioner Who Placed Dead Last in the Selection Process
Reason #535 - Harper's New Anti-spam Law Detrimental to Canadian Small Businesses Dependent on Social Networking for Sales
Reason #536 - Harper Outlaws World's Oldest Profession
Reason #537 - Harper Risking Quebec's Environment, Offering Negligible Economic Benefits in Return
Reason #538 - Harper Government Afraid of All Demonstrations, No Matter How Peaceful
Reason #539 - Harper Government Apparently Using Canadian Taxpayers' Subsidized Conservative Interns to Attend and Spy on Liberal Nomination Meetings
Reason #540 - Harper the Racist Demands First Nations be Registered to Control Them But Destroyed White Man's Gun Registry
Reason #541 - Harper Government Allowing an Unregistered Gun Charge Go Through the Courts Against a First Nations Person Despite His Killing the Gun Registry. Is this Gun Registry Confusion More Racism?
Reason #542 - Harper Government Lists the Mohawk Warrior Society in its Counter-insurgency Manual Along with Terrorist Groups like Hezbollah and the Taliban. So, Still Don't Believe the Harper Government is Racist?
Reason #543 - Harper Government's Corrupt Robocall Scheme for May 2, 2011 Election was Nationwide in Scope Per Court Witness
Reason #544 - Harper Attacks Quebec AGAIN, Citing Quebec's New End-of-life-care Law Illegal
Reason #545 - Harper's Senator Pick and Buddy Seriously Damaged Margaret Trudeau at PET's Funeral. Duffy then Went on to Destroy Dion for Harper
Reason #546 - Harper's Dictatorship Continues to Grow. What Harper the Dictator Wants, Harper Gets
Reason #547 - Harper Removed RCMP Chief Superintendent Marty Cheliak Because He Supported the Gun Registry
Reason #548 - Harper Government Voted in the House of Commons against the Use of Science in Canada on March 20, 2013
Reason #549 - Harper Destroyed Gun Registry so it could NOT be matched by Police to Long Gun Owners When Police Warned by Immediate Families
Reason #550 - Harper Assigns the RCMP to Stop the RCMP from Bombing the Tar Sands
Reason #551 - Harper Orders a Cease and Desist of the Investigation into the Genocide of First Nations People by the Tar Sands Leaking Carcinogens
Reason #552 - Harper's Top Three Cabinet Ministers, Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, and Health Minister Rona Ambrose, Now Least Accessible to Media
Reason #553 - Harper Dictates to Obama, President of the USA
Reason #554 - Harper Allowing USA Companies Lobbying in Washington to "Buy USA Only" to Sell in Canada! Why Won't He Sanction Them?
Reason #555 - Harper's Choice of F-35 for Royal Canadian Air Force Considered too Deadly
Reason #556 - Harper's Racist War on Canada's Aboriginal People: Cuts On-reserve Childhood Development Programs Effective Immediately.
Reason #557 - Harper Brags to the Rest of the World on His Website about How Wonderful He is Taking Care of Kids in Other Countries While Running an Apartheid-like State for Canada's Underprivileged Children
Reason #558 - Harper Dumped Veterans' Ombudsman, Colonel Pat Stogran, after the Colonel Criticized Harper's Treatment of Veterans
Reason #559 - Harper's Direct Interference Screwing Up Military Procurements According to National Defense
Reason #560 – Harper Silenced Marginalized Groups in the Courts by Cancelling the Court Challenges Program
Reason #561 - Harper Eliminates Canadians' Civil Liberties, Their Privacy, and Canadian Sovereignty by Opening Up the Scrutiny of Sensitive Personal Financial Information of Hundreds of Thousands of Canadians to the USA
Reason #562 - Harper Orders Zero Transparency on Yukon Environment Bill Development
Reason #563 - Harper Won the May 2, 2011 Federal Election Because 9,424,184 Eligible Voters Refused to Vote and THAT is What Harper is Not Only Counting on in 2015, But Also Why Harper Passed the Unfair Elections Act to Suppress Voter Turnout
Reason #564 - Harper's Anonymous Member of Parliament, by Way of Corollary, Says Conservative MPs Could Have Their Wages Garnisheed for Misuse of Taxpayers' Money
Reason #565 - Harper's Income Splitting Law Benefits His Riding and Home Province of Alberta the Most
Reason #566 - Harper Declares Making Money Now is More Important than Saving the Planet for Future Generations
Reason #567 - Harper's Anti Bullying Law Shot down by the Supreme Court of Canada as Unconstitutional
Reason #568 - Harper Paid Over $500,000 in "Hush Money," (as Termed by Opposition), to Departing and Disgraced Former Public Sector Integrity Commissioner Christiane Ouimet
Reason #569 - Harper's Vow to See Hudak Elected in Ontario in his Speech at His Fishing Buddy Rob Ford's BBQ
Reason #570 - Harper's Dirty Water Bill, Allowing Resource Companies to Poison Canada's 2,000,000 Waterways, Being Attacked in Court by First Nations
Reason #571 - Harper Government has Done NOTHING to Clear Investigation Backlog of 75 Cases of Military Suicide Despite the National Military Suicide Pandemic
Reason #572 - Harper Gone Into Damage Control with "Look How Wonderful I Am" YouTube Releases to Try to Fool Enough of the People Enough of the Time to Get Re-elected
Reason #573 - Harper Using Canadian Taxpayers' Hard Earned Tax Money to Support the Israeli Apartheid, Destroying Homes and Rendering Palestinians Homeless
Reason #574 - Harper Screwing Disabled Canadians Out of Federal Disability Benefits
Reason #575 - Harper's Fighter Plane, (On Which There Is and Isn't a Signed Contract, Depending on the Day and who is Speaking in Parliament), Proves Once Again to Be a Dud
Reason #576 - Harper: Dividing Canadians into Two Distinct Classes of People
Reason #577 - Harper, the Bible Thumper, Denying Health Care to Critically Ill Refugees: is THIS What Jesus Meant by the Good Samaritan?
Reason #578 - Harper's Appointee Blames Harper for Pipeline Debacle, "Enbridge Engaged Aboriginal Communities with Little or No Crown Oversight, Direction, or Assistance." For 500 Years in 'Nativespeak' this is Commonly Known as Colonialism
Reason #579 - Harper, Despite Veterans in DESPERATE Need of Expensive PTSD Counselling, About to Waste $83,000,000 on MORE War Celebrations
Reason #580 - Harper Spending $100,000,000,000 on Armaments While 870,000 Canadians Use a Food Bank Each Month
Reason #581 - Harper Using Anti-Constitutional, Procedural Hocus Pocus in Second Attempt to Appoint a NON-Quebec Judge to the Quebec Vacancy on the Supreme Court
Reason #582 - Harper's Justice Minister Flip Flops in Parliament Like a Beached Goldfish on Harper's Supreme Court Move #2
Reason #583 - Harper Openly Defying the Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Reason #584 - Harper Refuses to Announce His Approval of the Northern Gateway Pipeline in Person
Reason #585 - Harper's Decision to Ram through the Northern Gateway Pipeline Denounced by Members of Parliament Representing the Majority of Canadians
Reason #586 - Harper Government Jailing Native Women in Record and Astronomical Numbers
Reason #587 - Harper Ignores President Obama's Executive Order Initiative of Protecting World's Oceans by Approving Northern Gateway Pipeline and Risking Pacific Coastline with an Inevitable Tanker Catastrophe
Reason #589 - Harper Breaking First Nations Treaty Rights and Stomping on Canada's Aboriginal People by His Approval of Northern Gateway Pipeline
Reason #590 - Harper Approved Northern Pipeline across B.C. WITHOUT British Columbia's Approval
Reason #591 - Harper Blows $4,900,000 on the Bluenose ll Refit! Harper, Ever Think to Ask HOW MUCH a NEW Bluenose lll would Cost? 
Reason #592 - Harper's Delusional Minister Fantino Revoltingly Exaggerates, in the House of Commons, the Compensation for Canada's 521 Severely Wounded Canadian Veterans 
Reason #593 - Harper Government Creating Sub-classes of Veterans, Discriminatory under the Veteran Charter 
Reason #594 - Harper's British Columbia CON MPs Refusing to Talk to Press About the Northern Gateway Pipeline Approval 
Reason #595 - Harper HIMSELF Demands the Military be retrofitted to a World War 2 Look, at the Cost of Millions of Dollars, Despite the Military Being Told to Trim Budgets
Reason #596 - Harper's Plan to Run Supertankers through Kitimat's Labyrinth of Inlets and Islands Deemed a "Disaster More Probable than Possible" by Fully Qualified Sea Captain
Reason #597 - Harper Government Could Destroy Evidence of Abuse in Residential Schools 
Reason #598 - Harper Now Suddenly Distancing Himself from Northern Gateway Pipeline Approval. HELLO? SAY WHAT! Wasn't Harper the Lead Trumpet All Along in this Catastrophe? 
Reason #599 - Harper's Conservative Government has Screwed Ontario's Liberal Government Out of $1,200,000,000! 
Reason #600 - Harper Ripped Apart in Secret Document by Ottawa's USA Embassy in Assessment Done for Washington's USA State Department 

The WikiLeak document noted in Reason #600 has now mysteriously disappeared from the Internet. However, I kept its main points for those who fail to comprehend just how ignorant and corrupt Harper is, from the viewpoint of unbiased outsiders. If you want that text, I can send it to you. You seem to have forgotten most of his abuse and corruption since you state it has not been "extreme".

Your readers and all Canadians deserve better from you.

And I want MY Canada back!


Michael T. Rilstone

Niagara, Ontario